From local cuisine to Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes!
It is very popular for any occasion, such as wedding party or meetings.

Seasonal food that was harvested locally in Nagai, carefully selected ingredients,
Rich taste that skillfully combines each part`s palate.

Each bowl and plate reflects the changes of a season,
enjoy in tastes that are simple yet delicate flavors.

Course meal


Hagien Specialty

  • Sweetened boiled Koi (Carp)


  • Bodara (Cod)


  • Ohagi (Rice ball)


  • Hagien special, Sweetened boiled Koi(Carp)

    It is very popular to offer this meal when you have important guest, a New year`s holiday feast, and also for a souvenirs!
    Koi is a feast that continues to be loved, even today, as a very valuable food, since the period of Sir Uesugi Yozan
    One piece \1,000

  • Hagien special , Bodara (Cod)

    We make this cod, produced in Hokkaido, by drying it for one to two months in the Sun, and then soaking it in fresh water every day for about a week. We take our time and effort to cook the fish delicately, resulting in a unique flavor and a crunchy texture, different then pollock.
    250g \2,700

  • Ohagi(Rice ball) six pieces

    Mashed Edamame, Bean paste, Sesame, two each
    total of six \1,080

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