As a healing space, it is a fulfilling facility
content such as a dining room, a shop, resting rooms and a massage room in Hagien and Haginoyu
Dining area is full of selection of food such as noodles, bowls and snacks.

Free resting room has 40 tatamiand also a specious high ceiling wooden flooring lounge.
Please feel free to relax.

In addition, there are also a shop and a souvenir corner.



  • Entrance

  • Reception counter

  • Lobby

  • Souvenir corner

  • Hall

  • Banquet hall

    ※Can be Japanese style or Western style
    ※Partitions available according to number of people use


  • General room
  • Room with bath
  • With single bed
  • With twin bed

Dining room

Unohana hot spring, Haginoyu

  • Wooden flooring lounge

  • Free resting room

  • Dining area

  • Various massages

Restaurant Tamuro

Guiding map

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