Memorial Service


Semi-Western-Japanese style cuisine will be served

¥6,600(11dishes)*Oshinogi (Ohagi rice ball or Seaweed roll)
Appetizer *Assorted Sashimi *Sweetened boiled Koi *Western dish *Chinese dish *Grilled dish * Warm dish *Cold dish * Oshinogi *Clear Soup *Dessert
¥7,700(11dishes)*Oshinogi (Ohagi rice ball or Seaweed roll or Inari Sushi)
Appetizer *Assorted Sashimi *Sweetened boiled Koi *Western dish *Chinese dish *Cold dish * Sour Salad *Oshinogi *Clear Soup *Dessert
¥8,800(11dishes)*Oshinogi (assorted Sushi)
Appetizer *Assorted Sashimi *Sweetened boiled Koi *Western dish *Chinese dish *Cold dish *Grilled dish *Sour Salad *Oshinogi *Clear Soup *Dessert

※Tax is included for above prices
※Room charge \550 per person will be added
※Drinks are not included

Meal in a box and appetizers available for take out
◆We offer free bathing tickets at the Unohana Hot Spring Haginoyu for each guest
◆We can specially prepare your loved one`s favorite dish in remembrance.
◆We offer a selection of your thoughtful gifts for your guests.
※Our experienced staff will help you to choose a gift.
◆We prepare various printed materials, such as an information guide postcard.
Additional charges will be incurred for each item.
◆We can take care of accommodations for the out of town guests.
◆We offer free pick up with our minibus.
◆Free preparation for the seat tags.

Ofukashi(Steamed mochi rice) box ¥550 each

White Fukashi Okowa(Steamed sticky rice) with red beans.
Popular for one year memorial anniversary.
Gomoku Fukashi Okowa cooked with vegetable and mushrooms ¥550

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