Unohana Hot Spring, Haginoyu

Have you visited to our hot spring yet?
As the Nagai City long awaited hot springs,
It has been very popular every day, Visitors not only come from Nagai, but also from outside Yamagata prefecture.

There is a simple reason for our popularity.

Plentiful, 100% pure hot spring water
And it`s good quality

Most of the guest are praising "It's so wonderful that the warmness effect to the body after bath"
They surprised while wiping away sweat many times.

The Legend of Unohana-hime (Princess Unohana)

Outdoor hot spring bath of Unohana-hime

Outdoor bath at quaint atmosphere, next to Unohana-hime and flowing water from a sculpture.

Kurojishi outdoor bath

Kurojishi bath, is the only custom-made item in the world, created by hollowing out granite with a weigh of 30 tons.

Large outdoor bath・Rock bath

We proudly offer the large outdoor bath. Please relax as you watch the scenery of four seasons.

100% pure spring water

Haginoyu is 100% sourced with plentiful hot spring water.

Contents of hot spring and its benefits

Contents of hot spring Chlorides・Hydrogen carbonate spring
Hot spring benefits Fatigue recovery , Illness recovery period , Arteriosclerosis , Stiffness of joints , Bruised , Sprain , Neuralgia , Joint pain , Muscle pain , Frozen shoulder , Cut , Burn , Chronic dermatitis , Hemorrhoid , Chronic female disorders , Coldness , Chronic gastrointestinal disease , Health promotion , Physically weak child , Motor paralysis , And so on

Usage fee


Business hours 10am~9pm (8:30pm for the last entry)
Regular day off The third Thursday of the month
(open at 1pm for every first Thursday)
Phone 0238-84-1387 (main)
Location 2170-2 Narita, Nagai city, Yamagata 993-0075
Parking Space for 200 cars・Space available for Bus

Bedrock Spa

We have trending Bedrock Spa too.

Hormesis Bedrock Spa
  • What is Hormesis effect?

    "Hormesis" originates from the word hormone. The word means to stimulate and to promote health.
    "Hormesis effect" means excessive stimulation will negatively affect the body but a reasonable stimulation will works effectively on the body.

  • What is multi-element ion emission ore?

    The stone bed which you lay on, is a special ore treated and simultaneously radiate (negative ion + low dose radiation) ( more then 10 times Brazilian tourmaline stone!) which has various benefits for immunity, improving metabolic capacity, and more. [ Developed Mark Co.Ltd]

  • What is the effect of Hormesis Bedrock Spa?

    Overall effect of negative ion
    ・Relieve stress, relaxing effect, adjusting autonomic nerves, fatigue recovery, lower blood pressure, good sleep, blood purification, increase metabolism, cell activity, prevention of spots and freckles, increase immunity, antioxidant effect, prevention of dementia, improve concentration.. and more

    Overall effect of Hormesis low dose radiation
    ・Positive effects on cell level:activation for damage recovery function, activation for biological defense mechanism, Aging control, Cancer inhibition.

    In addition to those effects, a lot of sweating releases excessive body waste and has positive effect skin and body fat.

  • Basic Usage of Hormesis Bedrock Spa

    1.Change into the bath robe and put the towel on the stone bed.
    2.Lay face down for 5 min. And then face up for 10min.
    3.Rest for seven to eight min.(drink plenty of water to aid cell activity and blood circulation)
    4.Repeat No.2 and No.3 for two to three times.

Business hours 10am~9pm (7:30pm for the last entry) Include hot spring bath, rental towel, rental gown,
Weekday \1,100
Weekend Holiday \1,100

Chinese style massage

Chinese style massage is not only general massage and relaxation on feet, but also from the elimination of shoulder stiffness, improvement of back pain, relieving stress, can be treated widely according to customer`s needs.

Hair Salon Lino

As you came along to Hagien, why don't you fresh up?

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