Guide to Neighborhood Association


"We want to relax in a hot spring", "We want to eat a delicious meal on our special occasion"
By answering everyone`s voice, we packed good deals in the plan for the neighborhood association.

Selective Course

  • Meals set on a table
    5500 course\5,500
    6500 course\6,500
    7500 course\7,500
  • Appetizers
    4000 course\4,000
    5000 course\5,000
    6000 course\6,000


  • All you can drink plan!
    Two Hours Course One person \2,530
    90 min. Course One person \2,200

    Bottle of Beer, Shochu, Sake, Cocktail, Non-alcohol Beer, Soft drinks

  • Popular for ladies! Dessert

    How about with dessert, especially popular for ladies.
    We will prepare according to your budget.

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